Happy International Cat Day To My Little Girl!


I remember when I brought you home,

My tiny girl so sweet,

You were so lonely and abandoned,

You just needed love and to eat.

I remember your first night

Mum said you would sleep in the kitchen

I woke up to the cries of your meows

I couldn’t help crying and twitching.

I opened up the kitchen door

And there you were confused

Lost in the darkness alone

I swore you’d been abused.

I carried you up the stairs

And I promised just for tonight

Who would have thought 8 years later

I’d wake up to the same sight?

You grew into such a character

My little girl Summer-Rose

Your beautiful calico colours

Your little ginger nose.

I know you are at Daddys now

And he loves you so

But I always come back to visit

I love you more than you will ever know.

Amy Belle