Happy International Cat Day To My Little Girl!


I remember when I brought you home,

My tiny girl so sweet,

You were so lonely and abandoned,

You just needed love and to eat.

I remember your first night

Mum said you would sleep in the kitchen

I woke up to the cries of your meows

I couldn’t help crying and twitching.

I opened up the kitchen door

And there you were confused

Lost in the darkness alone

I swore you’d been abused.

I carried you up the stairs

And I promised just for tonight

Who would have thought 8 years later

I’d wake up to the same sight?

You grew into such a character

My little girl Summer-Rose

Your beautiful calico colours

Your little ginger nose.

I know you are at Daddys now

And he loves you so

But I always come back to visit

I love you more than you will ever know.

Amy Belle

How Do Animals Know?


Have you experienced your pets or animals being drawn to you when your mental illness or health becomes bad? I have. I was having a panic attack last night and hid in the bathroom, my boyfriend said that my little hamster kept on staring at the bathroom door. It was like she knew my habits and what was going on. She was quiet all night but kept on looking out of her cage to check where I was. She is normally very loud and demanding of attention. She’s lovely.

I believe that what people see past, animals pick up on. Apparently, it is because when we are stressed we produce more sweat and hormones that animals can smell. Like a wounded member of their pack, they want to nurse you. I remember when I got home from the hospital after badly self-harming on my legs once, I was in a lot of pain and woke up to my little cat Summer sleeping on my legs. She never does that! When I met my boyfriends dog Bella for the first time she licked my self-harm wrist scars, as if kissing them better! So cute! My daddy has asthma and the cat sleeps on his chest when he is unwell. It probably doesn’t help things but she is protecting him!

I think that animals are very special and in tune with your moods. A week after my grandfather died I was at home alone and the shock of losing him hit me. My little Summer-Rose let me hold her and she didn’t leave my side for days. She popped outside for a wee once but then came back to lay next to me. The sun was shining outside and she loves the outdoors.

Animals just know, don’t they? It’s amazing!

Amy Belle