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  1. Hi Amy, I don’t know how long you have been doing your blog but it is really really interesting, I have only just started mine, and was wondering if you could give me some tips on how to get a wider audience?? The only platform that I have at the min is my facebook page….I think we really need to make more of an awareness about mental health issues, and try to stop it being such a “taboo” subject that people don’t/won’t talk about. Look forward to your reply and Well done keep up the good work xx

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    • Hi Jackie thank you for your comment I am glad you are enjoying my blog! I am still quite new to blogging and have only been writing it for a few weeks. I’m not an expert but I can send you a few tips: always write from your heart and the words will flow, be honest and share your own experience, if you don’t feel like writing don’t beat yourself up, hash tag everywhere, and maybe start a twitter page connected to your blog to raise awareness, use the search bar in WordPress using words such as “mental health” or “anxiety” etc to connect with other bloggers. Connect with mental health organisations, blogging is all about supporting other bloggers online, and always make an effort to get back to people. I hope that this has helped and good luck with your blog xxx

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  2. I am very happy to nominate you for “The Versatile Blogger Award.” I nominated you because you are an awesome, amazing and inspiring person, and I love your blog. You are a very talented writer and I can relate to the words you write. I hope you will accept my nomination. I look forward to reading your response and learning more about you. Have a fabulous, happy and healthy day. Love, hugs and blessings always. Sue

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