Manic Is A Girls Best-friend!

I’m just watching a documentary on the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe and it reflects on her erratic behaviour as a manic depressive. I am also reading her biography from Donald Spoto and the connections I can make between myself and her are overwhelming! I think a lot of people with bipolar or mental illness can reflect their own pain through the example of Marilyn. Isn’t it crazy how the most beautiful, powerful woman in history would make up at 3am crying for the emptiness that was in her life? It just goes to show you that not even the untouchable are untouchable when it comes to the pain of mental illness.

Amy Belle

2 thoughts on “Manic Is A Girls Best-friend!

  1. Oh the truth behind this is so so real. They say that the happiest people are the saddest and nothing has ever been more accurate. I love how you were able to connect with her experiences because I’ve always had a special place for Marilyn in my heart.


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