You’re CrAzY? Me Too!

I am always surprised when the strongest people I know tell me about their experience with mental illness. I don’t know why mental illness is seen with such fear when at some point all of us will experience it.

The stigma that surrounds mental illness has often left me feeling ashamed and alone. I didn’t talk about it to anyone. But I found that the more I kept it locked away the more it came back to haunt me. I was only able to start healing when I admitted I had a problem and asked for help.

I find that when I open up about my illness many people can relate to it rather than turning around and saying I’m mad!

A lot of people I know have amazing happy lives but then tell me they get depression. The most confident people we know can suffer from bad self esteem. The strongest, toughest people can feel scared!

Mental illness touches all of us, it has no face.

You have Bipolar? me too!

You self harm? me too!

You get depression? me too!

You get that constant dread of panic? me too!

You cry when no one else is looking? me too!

Amy Belle

32 thoughts on “You’re CrAzY? Me Too!

  1. so much yes. and some of the most wonderous humans i have ever met have struggled with mental illness too. i think it makes us feel more deeply, both pain AND hope, loneliness AND empathy. 💙💙

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      1. i feel you. for me, i felt so disconnected from my body, i couldn’t even recognize myself. i didn’t think i was human, or real, or me. i thought i was a mistake, placed in someone else’s body. so..the head got shaved. and after carefully existing in a body i didn’t think belonged to me for many days, i finally began to feel like i wasn’t going to lose myself and my body and my pieces again. so the head is staying shaved. it keeps me together. 💙 so grateful.


      2. You poor thing sound so rough 😦 you are such a tough cookie and inspiration! It is amazing how even through you wasn’t there you recognised the need to get out if that state and grounded yourself by shaving your head. Perhaps you done it to show to the world the way you have suffered so much? Hair is just hair they say, but as humans we value it as a massive part of our identity and who we are- perhaps you shaved your head because you are ready to become the person you knew you always good be- good, loved and healing x

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      1. They need to reimburse after it took like 6 weeks to get here!!!!
        You know there was no date stamped on it. Which was the weirdest thing. All mail here has a date stamped. This had nothing

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  2. I have bipolar disorder, PTSD, personality disorder and general anxiety disorder, but I am not crazy and I and not mad and I am not a lunatic. I have a mental illnesss. The other words are stigma. We need to use correct words to help reduce the stigma. Sorry I am just sensitive with word usage when speaking about mental illness. You are so right though. We need to talk about mental illness all the time. It is a great conversation and there is nothing to be ashamed of. I am proud to have overcome what I have.

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