Why I Cover Up

Where I have self harmed so badly on my legs I have scars and chunks of multi coloured skin. It’s a shame because I’m a 20 something girl and I haven’t wore a skirt in years. In the summer I die in leggings and envy those who can walk around in shorts.

But I noticed where I haven’t self harmed for almost 5 months my legs are finally healing and these little moles I had once before are appearing. They are so cute! I really hope that as my mind is healing, my legs are too. Fingers crossed I can wear shorts this summer!

Amy Belle

19 thoughts on “Why I Cover Up

  1. one day at a time. scars heal, and you DESERVE to heal. i am sending you all the perseverance in the world. i know this struggle immensely. i live it, too. but we will get there. one day at a time. 💙💙

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      1. it is SO HARD sometimes. so hard. but we DESERVE FREEDOM. i’ve begun writing words on my scars, in hopes to leave my skin at peace when urges overwhelm me. i have a picture at the end of my last post. 💙💙

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      2. i LOVE that. one of mine (that i wrote a post on, near the very beginning of my blog) says “as you are, says the universe”. the other is the national eating disorders association’s recovery symbol, and the other says “endure”. 💙

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