I’m Still Here

I know your heart weighs heavy

You carry the world on your shoulders

I know you smile when inside your breaking

Yet you keep on marching my little soldier

I know you say you’re fine

But I see your dimples don’t come by so naturally

I know you’re counting the next minute to breath again

I know you burn from the past and can’t recall it with accuracy

You think I see you as a burden

You think I can’t understand

But all I can do is hold you

Sit while you cry and hold your hand

I wish I could take your pain away

But I know this battle is yours alone

Just know if you need me I’ll be there

You are more loved than you’ll ever know.

Amy Belle

18 thoughts on “I’m Still Here

  1. i love this more than anything. PLEASE listen to the podcast called “live awake”, the episode titled “i know sometimes”. i think you will love it as much as i did. i cried so much. it hit so close to home. 💙💙

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      1. I have some really sad, sad times Amy but I think it is all a part of the process of coming to terms with it. I have felt alone at times but when I have I have been reaching out and that helps me. Thank you so much for asking, Amy. I miss my Mum so so much but I also know her time to leave was coming. ❤

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      2. I am sorry to hear that. I however know you carried a lot of pain from the past about your mother. It is strange how when someone leave us how much they affected our lives. You are so strong and amazing x


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