How Being An Outcast Empowered me

I was labelled “weird” at school. I never fitted in and my strawberry blonde hair and big boobs meant I was called “ginger” or “barbie doll”. It’s stupid because I wasn’t even ginger and I didn’t have to wear a padded bra like most of the bitches at school 👍👍 Anyway I was always bullied and desperately clung to fake friends through fear of being alone. When the last of my “friends” left school I was all alone but I discovered that I wasn’t scared of being on my own, and I soon toughened up and fought back. I spent my lunch breaks listening to rock music quite happily sat on my own- at least I knew in my own company I wouldn’t be let down or hurt. As I grew up and became comfortable with myself I soon attracted amazing, genuine people who I treasure to this day. I have tried to wear the latest fashion, wear my hair how everyone else does, have society’s attitude but it just doesn’t suit me. I can’t be bothered to adapt a false sense of identity to please other people.

I am weird. I don’t fit in. But I am myself.

Amy Belle

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