Do I Need A Prince To Save Me?

Wow! Looking back to how my life was this time last year is insane. I was working at an awful care home, self harming every week, I had no friends and was stuck in my lonely little flat with a man who dumped me through Facebook after a year together. 2018: I’ve got two amazing close friends, I haven’t self harmed for almost five months, I’m doing a psychology degree, I’m a mental health blogger, I’ve got hobbies and I’m leaving this lonely flat in two weeks to set up home with my future husband, and along with that came a new family. Woweee

A loved one said that it sounds like a fairy tale- I’m poor Cinderella and Prince Charming comes along to rescue me. But I didn’t need anyone to rescue me- I saved myself. I worked hard on my own to become who I am now. Having my heart broken and being left with NOTHING has given way to a life where I now have everything, and I think I deserve it!

Amy Belle

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