The Best People Have Mental Illness


I was watching the film Yves Saint Laurent and there is a scene where Yves is in a mental hospital following a break down. He was later diagnosed with Bipolar. He is named as one of the most influential and creative people of all time.

I also watched a documentary about Britain’s greatest hero, Winston Churchill, who guided Britain through two World Wars. It was said that Winston Churchill experienced manic and depressive moods, and was constantly battling his own mind.

And there was the famous “Mad King” George the 3rd, who reunited England and Ireland and ruled for 60 years. His servants and family recalled George from suffering from such bad depression cycles that he was locked in the Tower of London and had to be fed through a beaker cup!

My point is, history has given us examples of people who despite their mental illness are remembered for achieving amazing things. They are often highly intelligent, creative individuals who step outside the box.

Of course we remember Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, Michael Jackson, even Cleopatra-the list is endless….

and they all were a little mad…..

Amy Belle

9 thoughts on “The Best People Have Mental Illness

  1. Thank you for sharing! Mental illness does seem to often manifest itself in creativity and outside the box thinking. Such an empowering thought to know if you get the right help to live a meaningful life with mental illness, it can actually become a strength to help you be extraordinary.

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  2. honestly, YES. even though mental illness has plagued me for years union years and i have spent my entire teenage years in treatment centers across the country, i wouldn’t change this journey for the world. honestly o believe that mental illness allows us to not only feel pain and darkness so much deeper than our peers, but joy and light and freedom as well. and that, that is beautiful. 💙💙

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    1. Thank you so much Birdy for reading and commenting! It sounds like you have had a tough journey, I am sorry to hear that. However you are a breath of fresh air and have turned your sadness into something that inspires and heals you! Amazing! Keep going x

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