The Uncommon New Years Resolution

New Year Resolution: to be selfish. I can’t be selfish and I’m too polite. It has meant that people have walked over me all my life. I felt bad taking the last cakes and clean glasses at the breakfast buffet today… but I’m trying not to care. It’s a dog eat dog world. I’m fed up of feeling bad for thinking about myself for once.

6 thoughts on “The Uncommon New Years Resolution

  1. I just got a book out of the library called Letting Go of Good. Like you all my life I have tried to do the right thing, put my own needs back and be unselfish but in the end I dont think its worth it at all. If we cannot care and love for ourselves who can or will. It really is up to us. I think its a great NY resolution to have. Happy New Year, Amy. ❤

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      1. Yes, I think so Amy. I was raised in the Catholic religion which is all about self sacrifice and turning the other cheek. Where and when were we told there are certain things we should not accept. Believe it or not I struggle with this one too. I feel selfish if I want things and thats not right. I am really working to try and change it. I hope you can to. If you need any support with this just ask me, we can champion each other to do it. Hugs to you Amy. D xox

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      2. Yes it is difficult to be selfish sometimes. Like ever asking for a favour I feel bad. I used to buy gifts for new friends to make them like me. A lot of people take advantage of it- I don’t understand it because I couldn’t do that. X

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