Panic Attacks Are Damaging My Body

My panic attacks have been back for a week now and I hyperventilate violently when they happen. This is causing damage and inflammation to my rib cage. I’ve been experiencing sharp stabbing pains in my chest and a constant tightness. I got checked for breast cancer today as they needed to check it wasn’t that. It wasn’t but I was diagnosed with Costochondritis. I’ve had it quite a few times and been given strong pain medicine and anti inflammatories. I’m also on heart medication, anti depressants and anti psychotics. I rattle when I walk! Hopefully this flare up should go as I become less anxious because of Christmas. Unfortunately I will always have this and it sucks. Whoever said “it’s all in the mind” was clearly wrong. Mental illness means all of you suffers- including your body.

Amy Belle

8 thoughts on “Panic Attacks Are Damaging My Body

  1. Due to my spin outs during panic or anxiety attacks my body has also been hurt and disturbed. Learning to put the focus on our breath to move forward isnt as easy as it sounds. Its a very difficult condition to live with. Keep working to be more settled with thoughts and breathing if you can, the chest and heart area is particularly affected. ❤

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    1. Oh yes Deb I feel a rope is constantly under my rib cage. It is horrible. I can imagine asthma feels like this. Do you find your panic attacks come in different dosages- like small and big ? Mindfulness is enough to get rid of the small ones but the big ones leave me hyperventilating on the flood. It frightens me. Wishing you all the best my friend xxxx

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  2. Hey Amy, I’m really sorry to hear that your panic attacks have been so bad lately :/ I hope that you will find some relief soon. I have been having really bad panic attacks recently as well. Last night, I was too scared to fall asleep because of it. People who don’t have anxiety/depression don’t understand how real it physically feels. It’s not just a mental illness, it’s physically painful. Glad you’re shedding light on this topic. As always, thank you so much for sharing dear ❤

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    1. Wow what a lovely comment thank you so much! Yes our bodies can suffer too. I’m so sorry to hear about your anxiety you must be so tired not sleeping! I think the fear of loosing control is the worst. Fear of panic attacks often cause more panic attacks! It is rough and a hard circle to break. I find just letting my panic attacks happen, acknowledging them and moving on has helped when they are too big to not prevent. It may seem impossible now but I know yoh will gain the skills needed to stop panic attacks from stopping you living your life. Thank you for sharing! Xxx


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