Be Kind, But Look After Your Own.

I am slowly loosing my faith in humanity, especially after an event that just complimented how selfish people can be. I saw this homeless guy on the street selling the Big Issue (a magazine that raises money and awareness for the homeless) and thought “you poor thing it is freezing outside”. So I brought him a hot chocolate and a cake thinking that will make him happy and I would only spend the money on crap I don’t even need.. I started to walk up to him and he had a Costa drink already and was talking on a brand new iPhone?! Like WTF seriously you can’t even trust that the homeless are even HOMELESS these day… it really broke my heart… like can charity not even be trusted? Anyway I ended up giving it to the elderly lady who lives in my building and she was so happy and it really brightened up my day. She told me that I have a good heart and not to loose faith but to also protect myself from those who can take advantage. It is very true. I get so sad around Christmas because I feel that everyone is missing the main point of this holiday- charity and giving just like Jesus did… (it is his birthday after all!) instead of wasting money on gifts that will just be forgotten about in a months time why don’t we give to people who REALLY need it… not those who are begging but can afford a £500 phone! Be kind, but not a doormat.

Amy Belle

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