Insomnia Queen

I am the Insomnia Queen

Yes, I’m still awake

I need to recover from life’s rush

But my circling mind won’t give me a break.

The Sand Man doesn’t visit often

If he does, I push him with force

A cabinet full of magical pills

Naturally sleep won’t take its course.

I don’t notice the sun peeping through the curtains

I don’t know when day starts or ends

All I feel is the deprivation

I’ll survive on the energy coffee lends.

Please God let me sleep!

But I ask life’s biggest questions at 2am

How frustrating it is to be snatched of this need

Another night of tossing and turning again.

Written at 3am

Amy Belle

20 thoughts on “Insomnia Queen

      1. Glad you are ok x yes I am on them because I am coming off Seroquel which causes me terrible insomnia. But the sleeping tablets I take when I am really desperate because they knock me out for 12+ hours . I either slept none or too much!


      2. You should go back to school all the evidence is on your blog how clever you are! And yes social sciences x I am doing the social science module at the moment in my psychology degree it is very interesting but very very complicated!

        Liked by 1 person

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