The Day My Heart Broke

     Saturday 11/11/10 my life changed forever. My beautiful grandmother gave up her fight of cancer to eternal sleep. Of course she went out with a bang and chose to depart this world on the day that is known as Rememberance Day! I can’t think of a more amazing day to go! She held out and was an active member of the Poppy Appeal. This weekend gives me comfort as I will be joining the whole country in remembering the soliders and people who gave their lives to keep this world safe. My nanny was a true hero and solider.

My Dear Grandmother,  I love you so much, you complete me and saved me. I am so proud when people say I look like you and become more and more like you. I know you are never far, but today it feels like my heart is breaking all over again. I know you are proud of who me and Jack have become. Today I will be using the strength that you gave me. Thank you for the foxs and deer’s (I know you’d hate my tattoos!) and of course, it’s raining today because you wouldn’t want to put anyone through the trouble of visiting the grave. I’m so grateful to have you and for the time I had you with me. You are a rare angel and I have noticed I have taken over your role in the family. I also carry your dimples and wonky front teeth. I love you. Forever, but you know that! Now get back to ball room dancing with Elvis Presley and make grandad his chicken soup! Always with love, your Amy Belle Always

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