Make Somebody’s Day

I saw the prettiest girl working in a clothes shop on Saturday. I told her how beautiful she was and that she could be a model- she said my compliment had made her day and she started to cry happy tears. I honestly meant it from the bottom of my heart she was so cute! It doesn’t take much to show a little kindness or boost somebodies confidence…awh…/

14 thoughts on “Make Somebody’s Day

  1. I’m a big one with telling someone they smell awesome, what perfume are they wearing. Or also if they have a piece of unique jewelry that I sincerely like I will tell them. Men I feel comfortable with I will tell them if they smell great but wouldn’t with some stranger.

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    1. Haha you have a great sense of smell and eye for the small things! Some people may find that creepy but I find it endearing! I always smell my boyfriend…sometimes right in the arm pit when hes sleeping hahaha

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      1. I know I’d be pleased if someone told me I smelled good! LOL. That’s what makes me get past thinking they might think I’m weird! 😉

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