Can Changing Your Diet Change Your Mental Health? 

Ok so I have been vegetarian/vegan on and off all my life. I was vegetarian for years and then dated a butchers son and slowly crawled back to eating meat again. I have touched back on it a few times, but due to bad vegan flu after a month I went back to eating crap again. Coming off the Quetiapine was amazing because I lost a stone in a month, and probably because I was manic and forgot to eat… but anyway I felt good. I have been back on Quetiapine for two months and put the weight back on :(. Anyone who has taken this medication will sympathise with me about the bloating and never ending hunger pang!  Anyway I decided to go back to being vegan (and no longer manic) to get back to my weight before and feel good about myself. So far I have been feeling amazing! My skin is clear, I have energy, my morning depression is gone because I no longer feel groggy, and I also haven’t had any PMS! PMS can be made worse because of the hormones they put in cows milk. I am not a health freak or preaching, but just saying I feel good and I guess what we put in our bodies is also linked to our mind. Amy Belle 

3 thoughts on “Can Changing Your Diet Change Your Mental Health? 

  1. I think that changing your diet can HELP to obtain better mental health, but I don’t think it can change your mental health altogether. I wish I could be vegan or vegetarian, but I am a very big meat eater and I crave it if I go long without it. I think it might have something to do with the protein and the texture of meat that I crave. There are a lot of veggies that I like, but there are also a lot of things that I don’t like, such as mushrooms and tofu. My husband was on the Paleo diet for a long time, so I started cooking and eating that way myself. I did feel much better and it is a goodbalanace of meat and veggies… LOTS of veggies. But it was so expensive to feed a family of five on.

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  2. I think it plays a part in terms of energy I try to eat as natural and unprocessed as I can. Lots of good mineral rich water and fresh fresh food Tryptophan is in proteins such as chicken and eggs and helps boost serotonin That said emotional and relational factors play a big role too


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