Group Threapy Anxiety

Attempting group therapy for the 4th time tomorrow morning. Group has always been a mixture of experiences . I constantly drop out because I’m anxious in groups and hate hearing about other people’s problems. Sounds awful doesn’t it but I do like to talk about my myself for once! I enjoyed group therapy previously and was amazed at how many people shared my experience. I found it easy to chat and always made friends. I’m dreading tomorrow too because it’s going on the early morning and when you taking a lot of strong medicines it’s hard to wake up. I also have to walk up this big hill to the hospital. Making I am making excuses. I see my own private therapist that I pay for which makes me feel in control and empowered. I think the NHS bunches tmost people it can together in therapy to save money. I’m surprised the group is actually going on because the attendance is so poor. I guess people hate group like me.

18 thoughts on “Group Threapy Anxiety

  1. I know what you mean about group therapy. I hated it too… at first. After a while, you do get used to it. I was at a program before for 6 weeks doing intensive group therapy. After a while, you get comfortable with everyone and start to value their opinions. I actually felt bad when it was time for me to leave, especially since I hated it so much. You just have to try to make the best out it, I suppose. 🙂 And I totally understand the med thing! Almost everyone who is in group therapy is on some kind of med. They should make the earliest group at noon! lol Keep your head up!

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    1. Hi thanks for your comment you have given me something positive think about x I am glad you had a positive experience x yes I am going to struggle to get up at 9am! I’ve only had two hours sleep because of the withdrawal it’s so bad x


  2. I hope you can go. I wish i had that option only because i feel so isolated and it would be nice to be around other people who understood . But i know it’s complicated with no sleep and any sort of group anxiety it would be hard. Shit all of this is hard. Whatever you think is best for you, do that!

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    1. So sorry to hear that Bethany. I think all us are different aren’t we? I don’t want to meet anymore people with my problems lol x I cancelled it’s not for me I’m happy doing my
      One to One therapy x

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  3. I don’t like group therapy either. I am willing to share and am there to support the others. I am always willing to talk share anything. I don’t like it because they don’t know what to do with me. The therapist who runs it subscribes to Burns ‘ theory that there is no such thing as a chemical imbalance and you can choose to be less anxious over time… I go only to force myself to leaves my house.

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      1. It is because I have a chemical imbalance and they don’t believe that anxiety is a chemical issue. The therapist who runs it believes in Burns ‘ theory that you can decided to get better and need pills again. I am not ashamed and am educated on my disease. Instead of being up to date on mental health findings he is working with the theory that I have a hidden trauma. I can’t afford to pay for a personal therapist, so I get this free unless crap instead.


  4. Hope you are OK Amy. I’ve been offered group a few times but declined for similar reasons. I would find listening to other people’s anxieties would just trigger or re-inforce my own. Like Bethany says, I’d be better off with just some normal social interaction.

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