All The Small Things

I’ve been experimenting with some small mind tricks to help clear the anxiety that stops me enjoying the moment:

The box- imagine placing your anxiety, emotions or bad thoughts inside a box. Lock the box and push it to one side in your mind. You will come back to open the box later when you are stronger.

The Paperwrite whatever is bothering you down on a piece of paper. Focus your anger and frustrstion in scrunching up the paper into a ball, then toss it in the bin. It’s gone, it’s done.

The List- if you have a lot of tasks ahead of you and you are anxious about how to start write a list of what needs doing. I write down things like “have a shower” “wash the dishes” and tackle each task one at time and tick it off once it’s done.

The Steps- I was feeling overwhelmed about getting ready  to go out shopping, I took it one step at a time. I focused on the task I was doing, such as brushing my teeth.

I hope this helps you get through your day.

Amy Belle 

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