Have Faith In You 

It is easy to assure others of their strength when you have no strength in yourself. I am an artist at this. I can easily tell someone to give themselves a break and not beat themselves up- but I am guilty of doing it to myself. I have all the confidence in the world, but no self esteem. My first assignment for my psychology degree is coming tomorrow and I have been scared shitless. I have been spending my days escaping from the prospect, hiding via sleep. When I am awake I am anxious and constantly feel unable to breathe. I have been crying and thoughts such “you’re useless” “you a failure” have been circling my head. I have found reassurance in reminding myself of what I have achieved in the past, (I was a nurse looking after the terminally ill when I had a depressive cycle) and I worked two jobs when I was facing homelessness. For Gods sake I can do this! Seeking reassurance in loved ones has helped too, also taking a deep breathe and just getting stuck in helps! I need understand that starting university is stressful anyone, let alone someone who has a mental health illness! Amy Belle 

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