Armour Amore

I’ve got armour you can’t pierce

So throw you swords and aim your spears

Courage is King I serve him well

I breathe in heaven and fight to hell

My arms bare more weight than you know

Let’s march to battle and let fire go

I’ve come prepared I’ve bitten the dust

Head held high marching legs a must

I fought many demons I fought them hard

I’ve kept my broken soul on guard

Go spit your worst and I’ll bite with pride

Everyone’s fighting a battle deep inside

Amy Belle

7 thoughts on “Armour Amore

  1. Yes I do I find it helps to ease anxiety and stress, you become more of an observer than reacting to everything.

    I recommend this for a beginner…

    Stress Relief With Dr. Siddharth Ashvin Shah – Guided Meditation Yoga Nidra Relaxation Splendor of Meditation (the cover is blue with a yellow leaf on itunes) 😊🌸

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