Hello blogging world. Apologises for disappearing and turned my blog off  but I needed a break. Some big events are coming up and I needed to get my head straight. I was getting tired of talking about my problems and wanted to clear my mind for Thursday when my Psychology degree starts. I go through phases with my mental health where I want to be the mental health patient and talk  but right now I am getting the itch to want to nurse again and I need to go into professional mode. I upset someone who I loved a lot after them misreading my blog and it has made me more cautious about what I put on the internet. It’s sad but I’ve needed to cuts ties with that person so I can start healing from the past. I’m going to delete some of my blog posts but still keep my poetry up. I have applied to volunteer as a support worker for those effected by domestic violence and at drug and alcohol Center. Really want to be nurse Amy again 🙂 I’m coming off Quetiapine and my Duloextine has been doubled and I’m feeling a lot more calmer and less depressed. I’m also starting RELAY therapy next week. My tenancy also runs out me and my boyfriend are thinking about the future. Lots of exciting things are happening. It’s nice to not be manic or depressed and feel normal. I haven’t felt strong and calm like this in a long time. Anyway all the best to you and always here 🙂 Amy x

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