Dear Death

How we have grown so familiar

That I consider you a friend

How I have grown so used to you

Snatched life from middle to end.

I have gently erased your presence

I saw your work before my eyes

I told loved ones you were looming

Nurse Amy was there when they pass life.

Yet many times it’s been personal

You stung me in my heart

Snatched those I love away

But I’m learning you’re just doing your part.

The loss you cause has become so familiar

What is it- thirty times plus we’ve met?

Yet I’m guilty of some relief you bring

Life still sparkles after you, Death.

I noticed how the sunshines

The next morning from the night before

Oh how I’ve spent hours cursing and loathing you

But I’m sure we will meet again once more.

All life is borrowed

When given, the end must must be

To kiss goodbye, but meet again

The ones we love never truly leave.

Amy Belle                                              

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