A New Approach To The Day

I don’t know about you, but what mood I wake up in determines the rest of my day. I am often very depressed first thing, and my first thought is wanting to go back to sleep to escape the world. The next thing I do is think about the many things I must complete in the day, which fills me with anxiety. The first few things in the day, such as making a coffee and making my bed, seem to carry the weight on the world. I have been practicing a “go with the flow” attitude today and Mindfulness. I have found myself able to tackle what I needed to do. I took my time and focused on doing one thing at a time. I have found myself being calm and cool, instead of a hot flustered mess. We have made plans to go out this evening, which involves a lot of travelling. Normally I would be anxious about getting dressed, locking up the house, the time it takes for my partner to pick me up, what time we would get the restaurant… But instead I have brought my mind back to the present moment, and reminded myself that running late wouldn’t be the end of the world. I have found this “go with the flow” approach today very helpful and helpful to keep me calm. Try and be in the present moment, and enjoy it. All the best, Amy Belle 

4 thoughts on “A New Approach To The Day

  1. Glad to hear it’s working for ya!! I feel somewhat similar when I wake up. Everything is just so damn hard! I read somewhere that what people with depression and no energy in the morning and people with problems with their blood sugar should do is keep a juice box or something next to the bed and drink it immediately upon first waking up, which is supposed to help boost your energy level (by spiking your blood sugar) and kickstart your day. I have never gotten around to giving this a try. But maybe from now on I will. You’ve given me hope that mornings can really be better than they currently are lol

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