Periods and Mental Health (Sorry Lads)

Premenstrual Syndrome is something I have suffered with for years and many other women suffer in silence from. I do not think that PMS is taken seriously and women are still labeled as “hysterical” and just expected to get on with it. But for ten days of the month, I suffer so much and it makes my mood disorder worse. My body also shuts down for 5 days and I have to rest in bed. I am sure you ladies can relate. PMS changes your personality and creates short, intense mood swings. One moment I have been crying, the next I am happy and playful. I also experience intense depression and hopelessness. This resulted in me breaking my three-week recovery and self-harming. During PMS I do not feel myself. I feel ugly, bloated and unattractive. I also become irritable and intensely angry. This is the time of month me and my partner tend to fall out. I have tried every single birth control but nothing has suited me- I have actually found that going au natural has helped reduce my PMS symptoms. Many women feel bad about themselves and believe they can carry on like normal, but during this time of the month your body is working hard – it’s no wonder we feel exhausted! Doctors advise you to eat lots of healthy food and exercise, but when you are suffering from PMS that is the last thing you want to do! I find these things help me through this monthly, difficult time:

1. Mefenamic acid- this anti-inflammatory reduces stomach cramps and the amount of blood loss. It is available on prescription only. Ask your doctor- it is amazing and widely prescribed!

2. Ferrous-sulphate- when you have heavy periods you can suffer from iron-deficiency anemia like I do, replacing the iron is important and can give your body a much-needed boost. It is available on prescription or from a health pharmacy such as Holland & Barratt

3. A microwaveable teddy bear or hot water bottle- works wonders for stomach pains and keeps you nice and cozy

4. Wear comfortable clothing- I avoid jeans and live in my pjammers!

5. Eat chocolate- it is what your body is craving because it wants sugar for energy, enjoy yourself- you have a few days of the month to have an excuse to eat it!

6. Don’t beat yourself up- you are a woman and our bodies go through a lot! No wonder you aren’t feeling yourself when your hormones are all over the place!

7. It will pass- you will be back to your normal self in a few days

8. Speak to a female GP or nurse- if you have a male GP like me, they can struggle to understand, ask to speak to a lady doctor if you are suffering and explore what works for you.

9. Talk to female family members or friends- they will be able to relate! I want my mum with me during this hard time. And if you don’t have anyone, comment to me anytime because trust me I understand!

Amy Belle

4 thoughts on “Periods and Mental Health (Sorry Lads)

  1. I suffered from terrible, doubling over in pain, cramps since I was 11-13ish. Last November I got wan IUD (Liletta) implanted, good for 3 years. It has helped to decrease the cramps very well. I also make sure to stay ahead of the pain via keeping tracking of my expected periods on an app (I love technology). Everything you suggested I concur! 😊

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    1. I am so sorry to hear you have suffered, us girls have it tough! The IUD didn’t work out for me, but I am glad it has worked out for you! I use the “Flo” app x it is brilliant and is also perfect as we are trying for babies. All the best to you, Amy Belle x

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  2. I was one of the lucky few and my periods weren’t that bad. As I have gotten older it has really been bad! I’m going to the doctor in a few weeks to have them check my labs/hormones. I also can tell I am having mood shifts and I am so tired. I can sleep a whole day! 😦

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