Fight Or Fright?

Nobody was there to protect her

As her head fell to the floor

Nobody was there to listen to her

Her innocence was no more


You slammed her against the wall

You broke her spirit with your words

You circled her, there was no escape

Her echoing screams were never heard


Her fingers fell off

Can’t you see she’s bleeding?

Shipped off in silent to another’s care

She was labeled a liar and needy


Oh, how shocked you all are

To see a girl of 5ft nothing roar

This ferociousness she possesses

A little girl she is no more


She is ready to fight

She won’t run away

She’s ready to take you all on

Her hands do what she can’t say


I will take you under my wing

You won’t feel helpless as I did

This barrier of love and protection

I am your mother, you are my kid.


Her eyes they change, diluted red

Her presence shakes the thick of you

Just keep talking bully

Let’s see what I shall do…


Amy Belle


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