Fantastic Mr Fox

I am going to share something that is very personal to me. No matter what you believe happens when someone dies I strongly believe that the ones we love never truly leave us. I appreciate your religious views and experiences so please appreciate mine. My grandfathers favorite animal was a fox. He passed away a few years ago and for this reason, I had a fox tattooed on my wrist. Also, to make sure that I wouldn’t self-harm along my wrist again- I couldn’t hurt him. Whilst I was getting this tattoo weird things were happening. The tattoo studio went cold, my tattoos artist gun wouldn’t start and the stool that I rested my arm on kept on going up and down on its own! The tattoo artist said she’s never known someone who is in heaven to make such a presence like that! Since I got the tattoo- believe it or not- I can’t believe I’m telling you this- but foxes follow me everywhere. Whenever I am sad or down- BOOM a fox runs across the road! When I started having panic attacks at work a fox would walk right up to me and stare at me! My dad knew when I had had a stressful shift at work because sat in the car waiting for me he would see a fox run by the car! Trust me this has happened for a year and too many times to be a coincidence. Grandad also has a tenancy to stalk my boyfriend. The first date we went on and he dropped me home he saw three foxes staring at him! One stood in the middle of the road giving him daggers! I knew it was grandad because the most beautiful, amazing thing happened to me last year. It was his wife’s and my nanny’s weekend she passed away. I was a mess. It was also Remembrance Weekend (thanks nanny for choosing that date to go :’) I had just got back from the doctors and it was 4 pm, the sun was shining and I was driving down a busy main road and I thought “oh look at that big ginger cat!” NO IT WAS FOX! And the fox just ran out of nowhere and stood and stared up at my car window! There was literally a foot between us! What the hell! Foxes don’t do that! When I am doing well I don’t see foxes, but when I’m unwell I can see a few in a night. Grandad is staying near by and keeping an eye on me. I know he is gone but trust me- he definitely isn’t gone 🙂 ❤️

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