Don’t Forget To Ask For Help 

Your voice is important. Recognise those alarm bells and ask for help. Asking for help does not make you weak but makes you brave. For years I kept my suffering to myself and it manifested into self-harming or suicide and by that time no body wanted to help me. Surround yourself and speak to the people that are willing to listen. I am so lucky to finally have an amazing support network; trust me I didn’t have it for 25 years of my life. It was only because people can see the good in me that they want to help me. They know that I am a happy, kind, bubbly person and remind me when I forget. Sometimes I need a little TLC when I am tired of looking after others. I recognize when I am feeling unwell through practice and recognizing my thought pattern. I spoke to the doctor and he said that unfortunately this is one of my cycles but it too shall pass. All I can do is be kind to myself and stay safe. The mental health team are aware and so are my loved ones. They are often the first to notice when I am unwell. It is ok to ask for help, after all, you help them. Even if this shall pass I need someone to be near me incase I slip. My first alarm bells are over eating and over sleeping. My body almost knows before my mind does. The doctor advised me that because I don’t know what “normal” feels like all I can is ask for help and ride this out. I am terrified I will self-harm and mess up. Right now I need to be placed in bubble wrap so I am searching for that. Thank you for your kind messages by that way 🙂 Amy Belle

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