My Heart Is A Puzzle

I conquered, I prospered
But there is a missing piece
I flew high, I achieved
But my puzzle heart wouldn’t beat

They gave all, they loved hard
My future was beckoning
I had all, I took all
But my happiness had me questioning

The misery was familiar
My blanket of comfort and warmth
The smiles of my mouth had died
The unwell memories came back to haunt

Deep inside I long to sabotage
Why do I seek so?
I’m so used to bitterness and spite
But I won’t let this happiness go

Hope you are all I long for
You carry my spirit in burdened hand
I can be happy, and free
But I’m used to sadness on demand

I must fly off this sharp cliff
How the sea could catch me clear
I won’t crash, I’ll keep fighting
All the love I need is right here.

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