Self, I Loothe

She can create beautiful things with her fingers

Just watch and see

She can kiss you and mean it

But she won’t tell you the battle underneath.


Did you know she deserves nothing?

She wonders a tunnel without a light

Did you know they told her shes nothing?

Everyday she fights to stay alive.


She will tell you if you ask

But shes a burdeon unton you

Thats the way she sees the reflection

Jagged rock, not so smooth.


She brings silver to her skin

To show you shes been punished

Yet all she seeks is happy

It’s too late shes already done it.


This girl she hates to see you break

She longs to cushion you from your loss

I can see the seeking boy in you

No matter how much “man” you come across


Oh, how she longs for you all to be proud

Yet this voice is soul destroying

She doesn’t do it on purpose

It was the others, they were toying.


Give me room to breath

Hold my hand, be my guide

Accepting your love is hard

Through the tunnel, lead me I’m blind.

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