Simple Things

  • Making the bed perfectly- I have purposefully brought lots of pillows and blankets so I won’t be tempted to cruel back into bed. I feel really depressed every morning.
  • Snacking- I rarely feel like eating a meal with depression so I keep biscuits around to snack on and keep my energy up. It’s not much- but is something.
  • Collecting ceramic cat- it sounds really silly but it’s become a hobby and I am a crazy cat person! When I’m bored I go around the charity shops looking for ceramic cats- it brings me a little happiness.
  • Throwing the rubbish in my mind away- If something is on my mind and giving me anxiety I manifest in on paper and take my anger out of the paper and then throw it away. That trigger is then gone. It’s a hard trick to learn but useful.
  • Do one thing a day- If I give myself too much to do I won’t be able to get out of bed. I tell myself even if I go food shopping or clean my flat that is all I’m going to do today.
  • Practice mindfulness- focus on the here and now. And deal with it. Don’t worry about what’s happening in the next half an hour.
  • Break the day up- I handle morning, afternoon and evening.

Amy Belle


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