Beautiful Things

I saw this beautiful, antique, baby doll at a vintage junk shop. She was hidden under smelly old blankets and was screaming to be rescued. I dug her out and picked her up, she was porcelain and heavy- it was love at first sight. I put off getting her for two weeks but I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I and my boyfriend went back and he bought her for me. When we brought her home her head fell off! Her hair was a mess, her dress was ripped and she was covered in marks and chips. With a good scrub, a new outfit, and some glue she was looking great! Now she happily sits on my chair. In therapy my counselor asked me who picked me up because I was liked the broken doll nobody wanted- I said, my grandmother. I am still a little broken but I am looking good- apart from a few cracks- but only I can find the glue I need to hold me together 🙂 It goes to show you that with a little love and time, broken things can be brought back to life.

Amy Belle

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