The cars are whizzing by

My ears echo every sound.

Outside is so busy

If I go out I’m scared of being found.

Everyone laughs and jokes

Are they making fun of me?

They are people I don’t know

How on earth can it be?

At the shops I fear queues

Too many faces and voices

It’s difficult to buy a loaf bread

Anxiety leaves little choices.

I won’t go out alone

Never dare later than ten

There are so many dangers lurking

I want to stay in the safety of my den.

I brace myself for another day

Get ready to put on a brave face

I need to go outside

But I’m too scared to go to a place.

My home is my hideaway

I keep the curtains shut to ignore the world

I tell myself I’m tough

But I’m just a scared little girl.

Amy Belle



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