A Happy Place

When the stress of the world becomes too much we all need a break. Unfortunately, a five-night stay in a top hotel in Hawaii isn’t realistic so I have created my place to escape. I have two places: one I create in my mind through meditation and the other is the place I create. There are both my safe and happy places. The first one is my late grandparent’s house where I spent the holidays. Safe, cozy and full of love. I have a photo of my grandmother’s chair and grandfather’s ornaments that help me get to there in my mind. I can go there whenever I need to, sometimes only for a few seconds. Remembering the lay out of the room and how the chair felt. The second is the place I create in my flat where I am at my most relaxed. Window slightly open, Netflix nature documentary on the TV, a hot coffee, scented candle lit, wearing PJs and blogging. I practice Mindfulness whilst blogging too. Take a few moments for yourself! Amy Belle

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