Taking The Plunge: Talking About My Mental Illness

sadfghjkl,.jpgAlthough I write about my own experience of mental illness online every day, it is something I rarely speak about with people in real life- especially people who are new to me. I am terrified that when I admit the words “I have a mental illness” a group of angry villagers is going to grab their pitch forks and chase me!

I recently met my new partner’s parents for the first time. I was anxious that they would judge me. But I took the plunge and opened up about my experience of mental illness and how it drives me to help others. I spoke openly about how blogging has changed my life and has helped me to do decide to start a psychology degree. Instead of them judging me they were kind and interested. They were impressed by my passion for helping others. I honestly was so frightened that they would think I’m a weirdo and not good enough- what I had been labeled before. Their reaction has encouraged me to be myself and open.

It is sad that something that is a big part of our lives is ingrained in us to be shameful. The only way that we can stop this “sin” of feeling is by talking more about mental health. My life quote is “those who mind don’t matter, those who matter don’t mind”.

Amy Belle

4 thoughts on “Taking The Plunge: Talking About My Mental Illness

  1. I try my best to live by that quote as well. I agree opening up about mental illness to new people is such an incredibly personal and hard thing to do. I agree, you are brave and the more we (people with mental illness) can feel comfortable talking the better (hopefully) it will get. More power to you girl!


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