The Borderline Mind

You say the world isn’t black and white

There are hints of grey

I do my best to understand

But I’ve always seen life this way.

I’m good at putting things in a box

I swear that I am cured!

I don’t need the medicine

The therapy is just a chore.

Then I come crashing down

It’s not simple as shedding a tear

I’m terrified I’ll be left alone

It’s the main thing I fear.

I do not have the filter

That you normal people have

I feel things more, things hurt more

Everything either good or bad.

I’m not moody,

I’m just a sensitive soul

I can cope in unhealthy ways

When my self-hatred takes its toll.

They name me “Borderline”

Does that mean I’m sat on the fence?

I wonder who I really am

But my soul is not that dense.

The book says it’s my personality

I’m selfish and broken

But I am a good person

Listen to the patient- doctors are outspoken.

Amy Belle


2 thoughts on “The Borderline Mind

  1. People who label borderlines as attention seeking or selfish are ignorant of what the truth is. You know you. Its not a crime to feel deeply and intensely, but we can modulate feelings a little more when we understand why they are so intense and take good care of our hurt.

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    1. You are so right! (As always 😉 People with Borderline (especially females) are portrayed as man-eating, manipulative, selfish individuals. But aren’t at all. I hate my past diagnosis. I am proud of myself for working my way out of it through I think I will always think in a “Borderline” way. x

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