I Was Wrong 

It’s only now that I’ve grown up and seen the world through my own eyes, that I have learnt that each human being is unique. I used to hear two voices and they were my perception of the world. I was consumed in my own bubble: “Me vs World”. People outside of that bubble were evil. Now that I have broken through the blanket of mental illness and stopped pointing the finger I feel free. I wasn’t a nice person before. I was selfish. When I started nursing it introduced me to diversity. People of different religions and cultures that I judged before, I learnt were beautiful individuals. I loved hearing their stories of their home countries and travels. I remember one African nurse who called me “daughter” and took me under her wing. She was an experienced, kind, and feisty sister who treated her team like a family. She spoke for me when I didn’t have a voice. I also remember another nurse who was a Muslim from Afghanistan. She would keep food behind for staff and make sure we had all eaten.

I couldn’t go around judging my patients. I didn’t care what they looked like- I was there to help them get better and look after them. This non-judgemental approach is now engrained in my soul. It is hard because in society we judge others- we are afraid of what we don’t understand.

I was assaulted by an African man years ago- I thought they were all the same. Then an African man offered to pay for my prescription when I had no money. He was so warm and kind. That experience made me cry with gratitude so much. I wrote a post about it. It opened my eyes and made me realise that we are all different. We need to look after each other.

Amy Belle 

4 thoughts on “I Was Wrong 

  1. You just made the world a little bit of a brighter place with this post ❤
    It must have took some courage to admit your past prejudices, for which I think you are very brave. And the fact that you opened yourself up to a new way of thinking goes to show you weren't the close minded and 'not (a) nice person' as you earlier stated.
    I'm so happy you shared this and hope that it might just have an impact on other good people, like yourself, who simply were taught a certain way, or have had limited or negative life experiences which gave them a tainted view of the world.

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    1. I awoke to your comment feeling poorly with a bad tummy because of this wisdom tooth medication and it brought a smile to mine and my partners face. Thank you so much for making my day! You are the kind of person that I am speaking about in my post. God bless you. Amy x

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