Hope For The Future 

One step closer to becoming a therapist ❤️ I always need to have hope and goals for the future, it gives me a purpose and reason to want to get better. Experiencing mental illness myself and my knowledge of nursing can help me better support others ❤️ Nurse Amy is on her way back 😁 I’m so excited I hope you are proud of me ❤️

28 thoughts on “Hope For The Future 

  1. hey love, just a question. On your post “FINALLY! The End Of My Manic” you stated as doing this degree as being an impulse and something that was deemed as something that you didn’t necessarily wanted to put money in. I may have read it incorrectly and if I have then I apologize. What made you change your mind? 😊 Sending all love.

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    1. Sorry for the late reply Hun. I have had a lot of things on my mind. You read correctly and thank you so much for reading my blog posts:) when I was manic I was going to pay for the whole degree via a lump sum loan. I was rushing into it. I then went about the right when I am calm and in a way that won’t get me into debt and I can afford. I am also studying per year and not jumping into a six year degree. You’re head isn’t screwed on right when someone is manic. I hope you are well x

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      1. All goods hun. Just wanted to clear things up, just was a bit worried. That does make more sense! Yes, being in a manic isn’t all that great and you don’t really even realise yourself. Hope you are well too Amy x Thank you

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      2. I have been feeling weak but I am strong again now. Bad days aren’t forever x thank you for your concern and your love as always x I really want to see you get your head stuck in your degree- you will blossom

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      3. Oh its been hard around here. My brain runs circles and just doesn’t settle.. Not finishing high school and being set on a pathway scares me to death. I am so worried I made a mistake.

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      4. You are right. I do hold myself back. It has been a year of my brain wasting away – doing nothing, being home 24/7.. wanting to give in. Your words hold a lot of meaning, thankyou so much 💜💜

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