Dear Me (My Inner Amy Belle)

Can’t you see who you’ve become?

The strong beautiful Amy Belle

It was the name your Nanny gave you

You set aside the broken little girl.

Life gave you matches

I thought you’d burst into flames

You hate yourself so much

But you’re not the one to blame.

You are so strong minded

Who would’ve thought you’d be a nurse?!

You tend to the wounds of others

When your own bullet holes hurt.

It breaks me to see you cut yourself

But I of all people understand

You can’t speak words of sadness

Your smiles constantly on demand.

All you needed was a chance

Can’t you see how much you’ve grown?

You have done it all by yourself

The independent women I’ve always known.

I looked at your feet dangling off the bridge

I saw the pills on the floor

You were never making it up

You’re not stupid or immature.

It’s okay to ask for help

It’s okay to be wrong

It’s okay to not be perfect

It’s exhausting to be strong.

I am so proud of you

Ignoring the voices at your ears

For putting down the razor

For fighting all these years.

Your wings are stretched- you’re flying!

Hope will never leave

Remember you are worth love

Did I mention- you are me.

Love Amy Belle


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