The Happiness Of Loneliness

In loneliness I can’t be hurt

I remain inside the womb

My emptiness is comfort

In dark and grey consumed.

You said you would take all of me

My memories and mistakes

After all this time alone

How is this an offer I can take?

I learnt love doesn’t come free

Kisses are part of a deal

How do I know the words you are saying

Is something that is real?

This pressure inside my chest

I forget how to breath

Sometimes it needs bursting

To once again feel “me”

My face was pushed into the ground

Bleeding mouth in gravel

My legs found the strength to push up

Slowly letting the bandages unravel

This corner is my haunting

Quarter of a century as a shadow

You see me as I am

Showing me the world isn’t that narrow

I feel I have failed

When I have so much life to live

You remind me of the good in me

I have so much love to give.

Happiness scares me to death

It is a feeling that is so new

So let time be my healer

To accept the words “I love you”

Amy Belle


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