FINALLY! The End Of My Manic


It has been exhausting having this manic phase. I haven’t had one that intense for a very long time. Probably back in 2015 when I was going to quit my job and move to Thailand on my own! I am so sorry for not being on my blog a lot and ignoring my social media. I noticed I put up a lot of poems to express my random creative side. It’s really tough having a manic as I can’t tell when I am ill as I am feeling so positive. I came off my Seroquel completely and the doctor wanted me on another stabiliser but I refused. Very strange. It’s like I haven’t been myself for 2 months. I woke up today and I am finally eating and sleeping! I lost a stone from not eating! That is a good thing though- I’m going to try to keep it off. It is so nice to finally sleep more than 4 hours a night! In this phase I know I dropped out of therapy because I was feeling invincible- oh dear. My friends told me that I had spent a lot of money on furniture I didn’t need and then gave it away to them- oh dear. I have been spending all my money on stuff that I don’t need I didn’t have enough money to eat! I woke up to an email saying I enrolled on a 4 year Psychology Diploma and almost took out a £11,000 loan. oh dear.  I was also starting to hallucinate and self harming quite a lot. My medicine has been increased and I’m back on Seroquel- Amy is back now. (Thank goodness). Thank you for your support as always my angels 🙂 Amy Belle



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