Empathy- A Burden & A Gift 

When I was in the spiral of mental illness, I was selfish and ignorant to other people’s feelings. I wasn’t a bad person- I had sympathy- but I couldn’t understand them. Through therapy and getting older I woke up one day and discovered empathy for others. It is a burden as well as a curse. I feel the pain of others and amimals. It breaks my heart. I often forget my own feelings and neglect myself. It is hard to look after myself when all I want to do is look after everyone else. “Nurse Amy” will always be ingrained in me. I feel angry at the world and don’t want to be part of such a cruel thing. My heart is heavy all the time. I am a Christian and find God always gives me the answers. He has blessed me with this gift, and when it becomes a burden He reassures me. I understand that people aren’t born good or bad, we are all innocent babies, but our circumstances which we can’t do anything about can change us. I also realise that people see the world in different ways- that doesn’t make them a bad person- just different from me. I wish I could turn off my empathy and go back to sympathy. It was a lot more easier- ignorance is bliss. But I can’t ignore who I am.                                               AmyBelle

21 thoughts on “Empathy- A Burden & A Gift 

  1. I can relate to some of what you were saying. I am a highly sensitive person, and I can pick up on other people’s feelings pretty quickly.

    I find that reading from the book of Proverbs helps me. Whenever possible, I pray for wisdom. Sometimes that means I need to not be exposes to certain people and their issues. Other times, it means simply listening without offering any advice or other guidance. With God’s help, I’m learning how to walk alongside someone, without also having to feel responsible for shouldering most of that person’s burdens.

    Hang in there!

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comments as always! You are a rare fellow Christian that understands how I use my faith. And what great advice- I will keep that in mind today. As a nurse, mother hen of the group, and worrier I naturally care too much for others but forget about myself. GOD BLESS YOU

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  2. I can relate to this. I’m not religious, if I had to be labelled I’d probably be more Spiritual than religious, but I’ve always been a healer; I gravitate towards ‘broken’ people and fix them even though most of the time it breaks me a little. I’ve always put others first…it can be both a blessing and a curse! Xx

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      1. I have had a couple people say that they were having trouble commenting on my blog, so I wanted to send a short comment to those I talk to on here that I’m not ignoring them but having technical difficulties :).

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  3. I love your writing. I’m almost in tears. I feel I’ve lost the power to sympathise even at times and at times I’m the most empathic person. It’s all overwhelming. But you have to find a balance in order to survive. You shall find it one day. Lots of love Amy. Keep smiling and stay blessed.

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