Mindfulness Is Hard

Therapists and doctors are always like you should practice mindfulness blah blah blah… I tried to do it before and struggled. My mind often wonders and I feel overwhelmed with anxiety. A had a panic yesterday about having to do the washing up…. stupid things like that. But I actually practised mindfulness all day today and I’ve had a really nice, productive day! I got all of my chores done and the best thing is is I am not a hot sweaty mess! I took my time to focus on doing one thing at a time- it obviously took longer and I was slower but got more done! My place to practice mindfulness and relax everyday is in the shower- I stick my head under the cold water and stand their for a few seconds…. really relaxing.                                       AmyBelle

22 thoughts on “Mindfulness Is Hard

  1. Never tried. My therapist said it wasn’t a good idea because of all the negative thoughts. I think distracting me is the best way to go about my mental problems. Or maybe I’m just too impatient for mindfulness haha I’m glad you’re doing a good job doing your chores 🙂

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    1. What works for someone may not work for someone else. I think managing our mental health is like living with a physical illness- it might always be there and we need to cope with it x you should give mindfulness ago x and thank you x

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  2. Hi Amy. Some people think that mindfulness is just about meditating, but it isn’t. As you’ve found, just being more mindful (aware) as you go about your daily life can be enough to have a huge effect. Sitting meditating isn’t for everyone, as initially people get really stressed because they can’t keep their minds still. But the aim of mindfulness meditation isn’t to fight the thoughts, but to just let them be there without getting involved in them. For people that really can’t get on with meditation, then doing something like Yoga or walking can be enough. I like the idea of mindfulness in the shower, not sure about the cold water though…


    1. “to just let them be there without getting involved in them” you have made a very important point which I forgot about Mindfulness! Thank you so much for your advice. We need to find what works for us as an individuals. Cold water makes me feel calm and alive- not too cold!


  3. I can so relate to this. My mind is always wandering. I feel tired most days just from thinking! Lol. When I start to feel anxiety, I literally have to talk to myself and get myself out of it or else I’ll get lost in a black whole in my mind. Anxiety is a very real thing, mild or not. Thanks for sharing.

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