The Flat Line

These hands shake with fear
These eyes burn with pain

This mind twitches with visions

Yet a skeleton remains

This heart weighs so heavy

Of darkness and gold

This spirit is free to roam

Yet stays in a choke hold

Love is the bitter lemon

Your kisses taste so sweet

Poison enters my blood stream

The label says “Deceit”

I breath deep oxygen

My words yearn to scream

Only comes a whisper

My silence isn’t what it may seem

Shards of glass were removed

You forgot the splinters

I close the curtains no matter the weather

Depths of summer and in winter

Mental shines so bright

I can cut so deep

But the bleeding will stop

Beautiful lines I can keep

Medicine to stop my breath

I can play with fire?

God gave me this life

My soul the Devils desire

Remain in the safety of this bed

I sleep to forget

Yet soon I must wake up

Fight with what’s inside my head

I long to feel something

The tingles up my spine

Too much trauma to take

I remain forever a flat line



















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