How The Kindness Of A Stranger Helped Heal My Heart


When you spend so long surrounded by darkness you forget there are angels that walk among us. These angels are the rare people in this cruel world that have a pure, kind soul. I had the pleasure of meeting one today. I have been miserable in bed with anaemia and serve blood loss today. I found the strength to walk into my local pharmacy, and spoke to the pharmacist there. He spent 20 minutes asking abut my life and listening intently. He made me valued and understood. He also advised me about my anaemia and recommended some medication for me. Unfortunately the medicine was too expensive for me to afford, and I had to turn it down. I was in instant need of this medication, but my doctors are out of area and I wouldn’t be able to get a prescription for a few days. The pharmacist looked at me and said that he would buy me the medication out of his own money. I instantly felt guilty and turned his request down, but by this time he had already gone to the counter to pay for it. He handed it to me, said that I deserved to feel better and that I should be proud of myself in asking for help and starting my mental health recovery. I was so shocked and overwhelmed with gratitude that I came home and burst into tears. I gave him a “Thank You” card and a box of “Hero’s” chocolate- which I think was very fitting! This random act of kindness from a stranger has lifted my heart and encouraged me to stay positive. It has reminded me that there is still good in this world- and that is worth fighting for.

God bless this man and these angels

Amy Belle

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