The Burden That Is Me

We know we deserve love

But we are scared to let go

Unless we trust ourselves

We will we ever know?

They say they will never leave

But walk out the same door

I know I’m good enough

I won’t take it anymore.

I’m strong for all the others

But who is strong for me

Is this burden I carry

Something it will always be?

I’m fighting to be living

Yet still thinking about dying

I know that I am happy

But inside my heart is crying.

My barrier can you break through

Through sadness and in pain

I give half my soul to something

Remember first is sunshine there is rain.

The sharps it calls so strong

The smoke inhales my lungs

Every journey starts with a beginning

And mine has just begun.

I feel I’m being swallowed

And forget that I can breath

Nurse can you give me something

What is happening to me?

Energy, restless

The time that has been spent

I could throw it all away

Or turn it into something that has meant.

I will not be pushed aside

I know I’m worth the fight

I will face the days

If you cradle me at night.

The past we hold onto

It has shaped us who we are

Now focus on becoming the person

You know you truly are.

Amy Belle ❤

Dedicated to someone who knows they deserve it.








6 thoughts on “The Burden That Is Me

  1. This is beautiful Amy! Good job and keep it up! Love your work x remember to always stay strong and beautiful like you are now, gladly you are looking at all the positive sides of life and Im very happy to see this! Hope you always stay like this stay blessed x

    Liked by 1 person

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