The Hope Of Recovery

Hope makes me feel so high

As if it was a drug

I was sinking at the bottom

Now I’m flying from above.

I have been so hurt

Its hard to give it my all

Can I trust this happiness

When finally I’m standing tall?

New hope, new chances

Recovery soon will start

The glue to hold me together

To fix the pieces falling apart.

All I needed was to begin

I had the tools all along

When I’ve been feeling weak

It’s hard to remember that I’m strong.

Trust this new found feeling

Ignore the scary voices

I need to trust myself

To make the right choices.

I’m not going to lie

Something says I don’t deserve this

When you’ve been put down for so long

Its a hard feeling to miss.

Recovery is a mountain

You are sure to loose your breath

Please don’t let it break your spirit

Keep the promises you kept.

The others saw my reflection

When I thought I disappeared

Glass is always smashed

But true self is never smeared.

Hope was never gone

It has always been there

Just reach inside yourself

To end this dark nightmare.

Amy Belle







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