The Lost Girl Inside

Little strawberry-blonde girl is lost

Never ending it seems to be

She’s seeking the end of this tunnel

Now I see this girl is me.

Monsters hide inside this place

But they don’t jump out and scream

They prey with hate when she is weak

Nasty, twisted, mean.

Angels hold her heart

Her soul is so gentle

The devils pulls at her feet

Is this her eternal?

No it is not death

But her battle deep inside

Now she can see a little clearer

This tunnel has become wide.

A small beam of hope appears

It shines blue and white

She can find her way out of here

She just needs to follow the light.

Shards of glass she must walk

Painful, bleeding, tearing

But now the end is near

She is way beyond caring.

Little girl she has grown strong

This fight she always had

She just needed to find her way

To see there is good and bad.

Monster’s stay away!

You can’t hurt her anymore

She has courage now

She’s opening the door.

Amy Belle



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