My love and thoughts are with those who have been effected by the terrorist attack last night in Manchester, UK, at an Ariana Grande concert. No matter what evil throws at the world, humanity will stand together. Remember you are a good person and cherish those around you who love you. The light always conquers the dark.

Amy Belle


8 thoughts on “Terrorism

  1. Most people going to a show like that would have been teenage civilian girls with pretty much no political affiliation. It is the most cowardly and evil act imaginable. Not to mention pointless. Thoughts and prayers with the U.K. and all families there.

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      1. It is a shock x I am as massive Ariana Grande fan x me and my dad almost booked to see her in bed Thursday concert on another major city, Birmingham so crazy z


      2. Sorry to hear about all this today. Difficult to understand what drives some people these days. Some of us have fought for our lives before and gone in to protect others but these people are not quite right. Thoughts and prayers are with you x

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