Dear my darling Mum’ma,

Our love has taking many beatings

We have had a hard year

And through the thick and thin

Thank you for being here.

We love in different ways

Its been hard to understand

I know you were always in the shadows

And there to hold my hand.

I said some nasty words

That I didn’t really mean

I was trying to find who I was

Frustrated at the distance in between.

You are the strongest women

That I’ll ever really know

I know that  weakness

Is something you never really show.

I thought that you was cold

I’ve very emotional

Now I’m growing up

I know your love is unconditional.

I was an angry child

Somethings you could not protect me from

That was not your fault

Sometimes life can go wrong.

I have blossomed into a young lady

And it’s mostly down to you

I hope that we can move on

And you know I love you too.

9 months you carried me for

Breathed life into me

I will always be your little girl

My best friend you’ll always be.

Lots of Love

Amy Rose

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